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This platform is not intended to take money from you, but to help you grow your business! Check some advantages of it:


A community of web professionals that support Divi


A quick and easy way for recruiters to find new collaborators.


A free collection of portfolio's and services


An easy way for freelancers to show their work and skills


Instant connection between recruiters and freelancers


No intermediations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Freelancers

100% free... What is the catch?

No catch buddy, this is our way to give back to the awesome Divi Community. But if you really want to help us, you can click on our partner’s logos (affiliate links) and grab their awesome deals. 😉

How do I get started?

Fill the form on this page and create an account on this platform. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to submit your freelancer profile, including your description, portfolio, services, and all your contact informations. That’s it!

Do you collect payments?

No we don’t. Unlike other freelancer platforms, we don’t act as an intermediate. We just make your life simpler to get you found by recruiters and close more deals. So no hidden fees and no commissions. Cool stuff eh?

Will you resell my informations?

No, and we don’t plan to. We might run some ad campaigns for our partners in the future, but you’ll get promptly informed when that will happen. We take your privacy very seriously!

For Recruiters

Why should I signup?

You can take full advantage of this platform without signing in. But you’ll need to be logged in in order to vote for a freelancer, create a job offer (coming soon) and other future advantages that we won’t reveal right now.

Can I post a job offer somewhere?

This feature is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Should I trust the freelancers on your platform?

We don’t test the freelancer’s skills right now. So you’ll have to create your own process to individuate the right candidate for your next project. However, we inserted a tag “verified” for the well-known guys that are active in the Divi community.

If you have any questions or just wanna say hi, feel free to contact us.


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