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I am a website developer with strong command over HTML/CSS and Javascript web programming languages, and expertise in WordPress. I have 11 years of well-rounded experience, most of which has been as a freelancer. I have also been using DIvi since 2014 not long after its release. I own and operate Wilson's Web Studio where I work with many clients and agencies tending to their website needs. This has given me the ability to function independently on projects and meet demanded deadlines. In additional to great communication and analytical skills, my technical skills and learning ability has been highly admired and appreciated by past clients and colleagues and makes me a good fit to work in the exciting field of website development.





Amber Williams is a master brand strategist, who's work is dedicated to teaching savvy CEOs how to build their brands and write words that sell. She needed a website to promote herself and her services. I collaborated with designers from Houseofe studio to bring their designs to life and develop the website. This beautiful website was well received not only by the client but by all who decided to give feedback.

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One of my most enjoyable projects! Ms. Turner was seeking a website designer to build a website for her business and I answered the call. I was able to give her the perfect site with everything that she needed and he has been showing it of proudly ever since. Folks can now book appointments through her website, saving her a lot of time and energy. Project was a huge success

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Mr Darnell Robers, the owner of the Minority Authority was a very professional and wonderful client. He needed a website for his business so they could have a professional web presence through which they could be able to sell their clothing online and provide an avenue to collect feedback and suggestions as they go forward. I built him the website he was looking for and he was very pleased. This is a full functional ecommerce website, clean and modern design, and optimized for mobile

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Ms. Logan was searching for an individual to build a website for her health insurance agency. I connected with her through Facebook and after speaking to some of my past clients, she decided to hire me to build the website and logo for her within a 3 week period. The project was a huge success as the animated logo and feature rich website I built was much better than what she expected.

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The Connect 365 is a black business directory website that was created for black persons who like to buy black and support black businesses. The client agreed to utilize my service for the creation of the logo and website. She was pleased with the result and the website is now in the population stage.

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Website Development

If you are needing a website for your business, brand or otherwise, Wilson’s Web Studio will build you a start of the art website. I use my 10 years of experience, knowledgebase and skillset to develop a website which properly represents you. I listen to my clients and deliver to their expectations. Whether I am designing a website from scratch or bringing your designs to life, I make sure the client’s requirements and expectations are met according to their specification

from $800

 / one-off

Brand Identity (logo, business cards, etc)

Conveying your brand identity, what your values are, and how you communicate your product or service are crucial factors in building a successful brand. With a well designed logo, stationary items and branding guidelines to outline the specifics of your brand, you will lay the foundation for a successful marketing.

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I design and develop E-commerce websites for all sizes of companies, from startups to large corporate clients. Our E-commerce websites are built using the WooCommerce plugin for the WordPress CMS, so you can have multiple users, shop managers and staff who can add, amend and delete products using this content management system. We make online stores powerful, yet easy to use and grow online sales. As people are choosing an alternative way to shop, everything has become easier with e-commerce sites and you need to take advantage of this to boosts your sales and expand your business..

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 / one-off

Website Hosting

Dealing with Domain and Hosting issues can be difficult and complicated for most people who need an online presence. I have made it easier for my clients to navigate through this crucial step by taking care of this entire process and becoming a provider of these services. Please see the details below for what your hosting account will entail.

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