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Hello, I’m a more than 10 years experienced WordPress developer, and in the past 3 I worked exclusively with Divi which is my top choice WordPress builder; I know its best practices and how to overcome its flaws. But I also have the ability of going beyond Divi’s possibilities as I can code in php/html/css/js/jquery, if needed.

My services include fool development of websites (design and implementation), or partial development services such as: implementing a design, fixing bugs or continuing already made Divi websites, making your pages looking awesome on all devices, and speed/performance optimization.

I combine my development experience with visual communication design (I have a BA in Arts/Photography) and a passion for internet & tech that keeps me aware of what are the new trends. I can design and develop the best Divi solutions specially crafted for your needs!




High school website

Redesign for a large high school website. The design is focused on clarity and ease of access and it is responsive. Ready-made templates, so that it is very easy for the admins to post good looking content; galleries auto arrange according the number of images and each project plus the news about that project are grouped via a tag. Speed optimization.

Skills used for this project:

A WooCommerce shop for iPhone cases extended for other products, too. The design expresses minimalism and elegance. Bilingual, 2 currencies, simple and variable products, costumer account and a license generator.
The product page has a sidebar with product details, price & cart button that is sometimes fixed positioned, sometimes static, depending on your scrolling position.

One-page website for a mediation office. Bilingual. Speed and performance optimized.

Implementation of an international summer camp architecture project featuring a retro design. The project features many artists and their projects developed in the camp. I've been adding the content, too, and there was a lot of it, with prepering the texts, selecting and resizing the images.

Skills used for this project:


Presentation websites

From simple to complex websites using Divi. Based on your needs, and specific to your brand and content, and aware of the new trends in web design, I will design and develop the best website for you. While I'm working, we will discuss pages step by step, and there will be many feedback session, assuring you that the project grows in the desired direction. Everything will be optimized for any screen size, and I can optimize your website to be very fast (but keep in mind that the hosting has a biginfluence, too). At the end, you will also receive documentation on how to use the site (tutorials and/or videos), or decide to keep contact with me for the future updates. Maintenance services are also available. The prices shown here are estimates, after knowing the brief for a project I can give a more precise estimation.

from $900

 / one-off

WooCommerce shops

Attractive e-shops, that sell your products. With specific design and features implemented exactly for your needs. I provide written and/or video documentation with all you need to use your shop. Maintenance services are also available, or, you can contact me when you have a big update. Price shown here is an estimation, I will give you a more precise estimation after you contact me with your breif.

from $1500

 / one-off

Bug fixing and responsive design, or updating an existing website

I can fix front-end bugs and arrange your pages so that they look perfect on any screen size. I can continue in the style of the site, or improve it’s look, based on your requirements. I can setup plugins, fix errors, etc. Price shown here is an estimation, we will discuss the length of the project, and agree to a price accordingly.

from $175

 / day


I will check the site weekly, update plugins, make sure everything is ok, and fix or restore backups if something goes wrong.

from $50

 / month

Speed Optimization Services

There are several things that can be done to make a Divi website really fast. This may include changes on your server, setting up a cache plugin, image optimisation and so on.

from $175

 / one-off

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