Grant Smith

SEO Specialist Front End Developer Speed Optimization Expert
Availability 20 hours / week
Experience Intermediate (3-5 years)
Age 39 years old


WordPress since 2012. SEO since 2013. Divi since 2016.

The only thing I LOVE more than building DIVI websites that my customers and I are both proud of is seeing their business grow after implementing an excellent SEO strategy.

Don't fall for the black-magic SEO promises. Tactics and tricks don't work. SEO is not a little addon that can be attached and forgotten. Good SEO is a strategic approach that matches quality content with the needs of the searcher.

Know your audience
Understand exactly what they're searching for
Understand the intent behind their search
Produce content that satisfies their needs on an optimised and user-friendly website.
Promote the content to reach new audiences and attract links.

I prefer working with conscious businesses that are working towards a better world. Sustainable products, eco-friendly brands, NGOs etc.

If you're one of those then please get in touch, I'm excited to see how we can work together.




Local Business SEO

Over 2500% increase in hits after nothing in just 6 months. SEO is a long game but the rewards are far more sustainable than paid search.

Skills used for this project:

Development & SEO

Snake Website

Skills used for this project:

Website Migration, Development & Local SEO

Business Website

Skills used for this project:

Web Development, Video Creation & Local SEO

Adventure Website

Skills used for this project:

Eco Web Design and Speed Optimisation

Low carbon-emitting web design project. Home page optimised to get 99/100 on mobile Pagespeed Insights.

Skills used for this project:


Divi/Wordpress Website Starter

Small Responsive Website, SEO Optimised, and Fast

from $800

 / one-off

Divi/Wordpress Website Package - ZERO to HERO

For more complex/ multipage projects with a unique design. Responsive, SEO Optimised, and Fast.

from $1600

 / one-off

SEO Packages

SEO Audits, keyword research, competition analysis, backlink analysis, strategy development... The list is comprehensive and varied and for those serious about establishing their brand online long term.

from $500

 / month

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SEO Savvy Divi Developer

Sweden Location
5 years Experience

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